What's new with our website, our label, and our catalog.

It's finally here! Our new release by Greylock Mansion is available now.

Almost two years in the making, GREYLOCK MANSION contains 9 cuts from 1969 studio reels, 6 never before released. Powerful underground psych with funereal organ, distorted fuzz guitar and effects, and heavy precise drumming are coupled with mystical, thought-provoking lyrics. Check out sound clips on the Our Label page. Get yours today for only $20 plus shipping.

Our new release by the Gerbils is available now and Greylock Mansion is coming soon.

During the Austin Record Show the GERBILS LPs were delivered and we sold our first copies there. It's a previously unreleased slab of aggressive, early eighties punk from Detroit. Check out sound clips on the Our Label page. Get yours today for only $17.

Our long-awaited GREYLOCK MANSION LP is in the final stages. The covers are done, the LPs are pressed, and we are just wating for the inserts to be printed. Stay tuned for more information!

Mail order catalog #18 is ready and online!

Catalog #18 will be in the mail this week but it's on the website right now. Some interesting LPs for you to choose from. Don't miss out...

Mail order catalog #17 is finally ready!

Catalog will be in the mail this week but it's on the website already. Check out the goodies.

We have a handful of sealed copies of the ultra rare Renacimiento album for sale...

Renacimiento is a Mexican Jesus music LP recorded in Tijuana in 1978. Check out the Featured LPs page to get the info and hear two cuts. This is a great, pretty much unknown album that almost never appears for sale. Don't snooze... get your copy now!

Lysergic Sound Distributors announces two new releases: The Graveyard Five 45 and a V/A collection St. Albert's Dream.

The Graveyard Five single from 1968 on Stanco is one of the rarest and best garage 45's of all and an exercise in fuzz guitar excess. This is a fully authorized, licensed, and remastered limited edition reissue. Check out excerpts from both sides on the Our Label page. And at $9.99 it's a steal compared to originals that sell for thousands of dollars, if you can find one!

St. Albert's Dream is one of the heaviest fuzz psych garage comps ever pressed and just might be our best LP release yet. Limited to 800 copies. Check out three complete tracks on the Our Label page. Get yours now!

Mail order catalog #16 is published!

At last! Some choice items in this catalog so don't hesitate...

Check out our latest Musical Amigos: Stephan Colloredo and Bruce Hamana.

Click here to check out our interview with Jellyfish Record's Stephan Colloredo,one of the world's largest dealers in rare psychedelic music and an interesting guy. We've also added some photos and info on Bruce Hamana that you'll find here, including a photo and soundclip from his second LP, which is better than you might have read.

Our next reissue World Opus I is finally ready and shipping!

This a bit of a change for us as it's not rare psychedelia this time but a hitherto unknown, teen soul-funk private press mega-rarity from rural New Mexico recorded in 1972. You can get a copy from us or ask your local record store to order one. Or better yet order five! Check out the Our Label page for more information and some sound samples.

We finally got around to posting pictures from last year's Austin Record show in October.

Check out the photos here Austin Record Show photos.

We have added our first set of links to other sites.

Check out the Devils Kitchen and Asbury websites for photos and more info on these great bands. And if you are a collector looking to archive, preserve, appraise or disperse your collections of pop culture and rock-n-roll memorabilia, then you'll love The Rare Collections Site. Click here to open the Links page.

We're working on a new section for the site - Vinyl Roads.

Here we'll post stories and photos about the places we go and people we meet tracking down those rare slab's 'o vinyl. We'll start with pictures from the October 22-23 Austin Record Show. Check out our photos of the show and some the big psych collectors worldwide.

Mail order catalog #15 is now available!

Hard copies were mailed out the week of September 1, 2011.  Thanks for all your responses! A lot of the big ticket pieces are already gone but there still some goodies left. Visit the Catalog page and browse online or download a copy.

Lysergic Sound Distributors website has a new look!

After staying the same for several years, we have redone our site. We have added sections for our label, featured LPS, friends, and more. We have more changes in the works so check back regularly to see what's new.