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Laser Studios

1978, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


A primitive, all but unknown, mega-rare micro-press of Mexican Jesus garage rock from 1978. This was recorded by a young American guy, living in Mexico at the time, and his Mexican backup band. They do 10 originals, all of them featuring excellent guitar playing, in a variety of styles, including several cuts with thick, fat crude fuzz guitar. All the liner notes and songs are in Spanish and were recorded in Mexico.

Ken Scott describes this in his third edition of “The Archivist” as ludicrously rare. Only a handful of copies known to exist! Only a  couple have ever been offered on the internet. An open copy recently sold on eBay for $389. Click here to see the Popsike listing of that eBay auction.

Overall, Renacimiento has a great homemade sound, sometimes garage, sometimes psych, sometimes progressive, and sometimes lyrical. The instrumentation consists of vocals, bass, drums, organ, with fine guitar throughout, and what sounds like a synthesizer on one track. Unless you know Spanish, you’d be hard-pressed to recognize this as Jesus music!

We here at Lysergic Sound Distributors actually discovered this unknown album about 15 years ago when we found a beat copy in Arizona. Now we have obtained a very limited number of original & STILL SEALED copies from the source. We are offering these copies at $499 each. Contact us if you have questions or are interested in purchasing a copy. We will consider trades for items of comparable quality and rarity.

Please note: The sound clips below are taken from one of the sealed copies we opened at random to record. We ripped these clips, and are keeping that copy for ourselves.

Play soundclip: Renacimiento - El Hijo Del Hombre

Play soundclip: Renacimiento - Date Cuenta - Arriba La Juventud