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GRADING – Cover/disc. We use a slight variation of The Goldmine System with similar abbreviations. If you don’t understand, just ask. Most albums are play graded. One in a while, a problem may occur. If there is a problem, contact us at once and we will work it out. All records are 1st press stereo U.S. unless noted otherwise. Factory sealed records are guaranteed only if they are returned in a still-sealed condition.

PAYMENT – We accept most forms of payment including checks drawn on      U.S. banks. Checks may be held for a period of time for clearance. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

POSTAGE – One album, media rate, is $4. Multiple media rate albums, priority postage & foreign postage will be calculated at actual rates.

TRADES – Always looking for trades but usually not until this catalog has been out for about a month.


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7001 RECORD COLLECTORS DREAMS - HANS POKORA'S NEWEST HARDCOVER BOOK      The cream of Folk, Psychedelic, Progressive, Garage and Beat music. Over 1000 professional colour  photographs of the rarest 60s and 70s album covers from around the world. The rarest releases from AUSTRIA to NEW ZEALAND. A kaleidoscopic overview of the rarest and most expensive collectible albums from all over the world. An indispensable book for all serious collectors of 60's and 70's rare records, compiled from the collector Hans Pokora  Includes accurate description of: Origin, Label, Value and Rarity. Printed on high quality glossy paper, in a limited edition. Hardcover 9 x 12  inch.       BRAND NEW                       45.00     SOLD 6/18/16

AGAPE             Gospel Hard Rock          Mark                1971            HEAVY Jesus fuzz rock with hard driving guitar. Some psychy sounds & layered effects & echo. One of the first in the genre. This copy is autographed by guitarist Fred Caban   VG++/NM         130.00

CHAD ALLAN & THE EXPRESSIONS       Shakin’ All Over      Scepter (mono)     1966    Early Guess Who w/guitarist Randy Bachman. Mostly rock covers but w/some stinging guitar.  srw/coh           VG+(+)/NM         12.00     SOLD 4/23/16

AMISH             Same               Sussex             1972      Canadian hard rock with some psych edges, swirling Hammond organ, blistering guitar & a little bit of funk.   Srw  VG+/VG++  50.00    SOLD 6/18/16

AMULET           Same               Shadow         1980        Rare & hot private Indiana underground guitar rock. No flash, just hard n heavy.  Pokora rates a heavy 4. Partial spine split. Vinyl has marks & some noise but no skips, catches, etc    VG+/VG       30.00  SOLD 4/23/16

AORTA             Same               Columbia         1968          1st By Chicago psych band. Cool fuzz, powerful organ. Wild effects, backwards guitar, etc.  Gatefold.  Srw  VG+/VG++    25.00
SOLD 5/5/16

ART        Supernatural Fairy Tales      Island (Pink mono) UK      1975        Later 1975 press of great ’67 UK heavy blues based psych that devolved into the boring Spooky Tooth. Great psychy cover art   small sm splt            VG++/NM                              50.00    SOLD 6/18/16

ASHBURY        Endless Skies              Ashbury           1983     One of THE GREATEST privately pressed hard rock albums EVER! Hooked-out tunes, brilliant song writing & harmonies to go with amazing guitar work. Top notch all the way – easily surpasses many of the biggest names of the era. Has a 70’s sound – a masterpiece of private label rock. ORIGINAL AND STILL SEALED               275.00

ATOMIC ROOSTER      Death Walks Behind You       Philips (German)    1970  Heavy UK prog with excellent guitasr – prob. their best – different cover than US. Has some slt. noise at times, nothing real bad     VG+/VG(+)          20.00   SOLD 5/4/16

ATOMIC ROOSTER      Headline News          Jem (Promo)      1983   Their last LP and a change of direction; electro prog rock , Floydian at times with guesting by David Gilmour.       cc  VG+(+)/NM                      20.00

BALDWIN AND LEPS        Same          Vanguard (WL Promo)       1971       Nice folk rock with country influences – electric guitar w/heavy reverb vocals & violins.  At times, sounds like Tim Buckley      gate   woc/srw         VG+/VG++                20.00     SOLD 4/25/16

BANCHEE        Thinkin’           Polydor (WL Promo)               1971          Premier East Coast heavy blastin’ post psych guitar killer with long cuts. Heavy!   srw            VG+/NM       75.00  
SOLD 4/15/16

BANG               Same               Capitol             1971         Very heavy TX proto metal w/Black Sabbath – Blue Cheer influences. Powerful guitars.    srw   VG+/VG+(+)           20.00
SOLD 4/23/16

PETER BARDENS         Write My Name In The Dust       Verve          1971     Heavy organ-guitar psych; long doomy jams w/some psychy acid leads by Peter Green   srw/coh  VG+/VG+(+) 15.00    SOLD 5/4/16

SKIP BATTIN               Skip        Sign Post         1973     Ex-Byrds’  bass player’s solo LP; country style w/ some Byrds members participating, underrated   swct/promo sticker/srw  VG+/VG+(+)   12.00

BECKETT         Same               Raft (UK)          1974    Heavy UK prog rock that’s considered a lost gem. Some psych influences & hard rock elements. Their song “A Rainbow’s Gold” was later covered by Oron Maiden   insert            VG++/NM                  40.00

DON BIKOFF               Celestial Explosion         Keyboard      1968             Very rare soulful acoustic  master solo LP w/psych sounds at times. Great unhurried style, varied sounds; like Basho – Fahey type stylings. VERY HARD TO FIND! VG++/NM         80.00    SOLD 4/23/16

BLACK PEARL              Same               Atlantic            1969      Semi-hard West Coast influenced rock w/ a soul flavor. Nice guitar. In orig. shrink  VG+(+)/VG++    15.00                          
COPY # 2  cvr. blemish/coh   VG+/VG+(+)    10.00

BLACK SUN ENSEMBLE           Same               Reckless          1988        Later press of hypnotic, tranced-out eastern sounding drone psych space rock with great guitar by the late wizard, Jesus Acedo         VG++/NM          30.00    SOLD 6/2/16

BLACK WIDOW           III                    CBS (UK)           1971     Heavy UK prog rock w/some eclectic styling & killer electric guitar    VG+(+)/VG++                      60.00     SOLD 6/18/16

BLACKHORSE              Same               DSDA         1979         Heavy power trio w/roaring guitar. Heavy Southern rock – fast-paced hot stuff     VG+(+)/NM            50.00    SOLD 5/4/16

BLACKFOOT  SUE        Strangers        Import             1977   UK hard commercial rock w/glam elements & a killer long track w/grear playing & wah-wah. Recorded in ’74.  srw   VG+(+)/NM                      25.00    SOLD 5/8/16

THE BLACKWOOD APOLOGY       House Of Leather       Fontana       1969       Minnesota mix of pop psych, soft & semi-hard rock, non-commercial cool cover    label smudge   VG+/VG(+)  10.00    SOLD 4/23/16

BLOODROCK           U.S.A.        Capitol           1972              4th LP of heavy TX guitar rock – dented corners       VG+/VG++                            12.00

BLUE CHEER         Outsideinside         Philips             1968        2nd LP by the ultra- heavy SF fuzz blasters; great acid-infused distortion  woc/cvr wear  plays w/noise    Both VG   10.00      SOLD 6/18/16

BLUE CHEER           Oh! Pleasant Hope           Philips             1971      Last studio LP by BC & much mellower than their previous stuff/ melodic West Coast psych w/some eastern sounds and Kak guitarist Gary Yoder      Both VG+(+)              30.00     SOLD 5/4/16

BLUE CHEER       Vincebus Eruptum                Philips            1968         1st LP of mega-heavy, over-the-top distorted fuzz everywhere !     Both VG+(+)                        25.00                              COPY # 2    plays with some noise VG++/VG+(+)      10.00

BLUES  MAGOOS         Psychedelic Lollipop               Mercury (mono)     1966           Well-known  acid-punk-fuzz   some intermittent minor noise  woc/wol     VG+/VG           10.00      SOLD 6/18/16

BOFFALONGO             Beyond Your Head         United Art.               1970       Mostly up tempo that ranges from rock to ballads, sometime rural vibe/soft rock     swct/slt cvr wear/pro sticker                 VG+/VG+(+)             12.00

BOLD CHICKEN           Same               Lysergic Sound Distributors        2011                  A  7” 4 song EP of Midwest proto-punk recorded in 1972 by future Rubber City Rebels leader, Buzz Clic  & his band of Akron, Ohio, misfits. There’s 4 songs here, restored &  remastered from the original studio master tapes – all crude raw songs w/a true “street” quality dealing w/the seedier side of life. The songs have a sound that Todd Killings of Victim Of Time described as  “a top notch find in the vastly unpopular world of Midwest bad glam-punk in a pre-Ramones America that is a quality recording of a drunken Quaalude  party – and can stand on it’s own with anyone else hitting their stride in 1972; it’s heavy, but not metal, crazed, but not psychedelic, punk but not prog, and even dumber than The Stooges” A limited hand-numbered pressing of only 350 copies   M/M                        7.00

RON  BOLTON BAND      Same            No Label          1983         Heavy private San Diego under-ground AOR w/nice guitar     ORIGINAL & SEALED                       40.00

BOOTH DAVIS & LOWE           Prototype        Titicaca                       1978       Rare private  AZ heavy prog w/guitar & synth; fusion leads   POKORA – 2           This one has a bit of heat warp that has little effect on play    rw/part sm splt     Both VG(+)              40.00     SOLD 4/25/16

JAIME BROCKETT       North Mountain Velvet           Adelphi            1977      Cowboy-styled folk; multiple dulcimers & help from Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.  VG+(+)/NM  12.00

BRONCO          Country Home Island Pink Rim (UK)              1970        Mellow country rock by the UK band. Excellent stuff & a couple trax w/twin guitar blasts    sol  Both VG++  30.00   
SOLD 5/24/16

CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN              Same     Track      1968      Otherwordly wild UK psychedelia w/organ out front; one of the ultimate freak out albums that’s also soulful at times.     VG++/VG+(+)             15.00    SOLD 11/22/16

BOB BROWN     You’re Here At Last     New Life      1975       Communal folk w/ A Calif. backing band – dedicated to Indian spiritual master Meher Baba     Both VG++    10.00   SOLD 4/25/16

RODNEY BROWN        Freedom In Me           Rodney Brown            1977        Private press of obscure Canadian folk w/ mandolin & slide – country flavor    insert included   one of the labels has some wrinkling   srw      VG+(+)/NM               12.00    SOLD 4/25/16

BROWNSVILLE  STATION       No BS        W. Bros.       1970          Detroit hard guitar blues based rock                Both VG+(+)              10.00    SOLD 6/18/16

BUBBLE PUPPY           Gathering Of Promises           I.A.           1969      Well known TX psych small cvr tears at bottom           Both VG            12.00    SOLD 4/23/16

TIM BUCKLEY             Same               Elektra (gold)             1966        His 1st     Pop rock folk with some psych thrown in. Incl. Van Dyke Parks   mod. cvr wear  Both  VG+    10.00

BUCKWHEAT      Pure Buckwheat Honey       Super K           1969       Pop rock w/some vaudeville elements & mild psych influences.  ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED           10.00     SOLD 6/18/16

BULL ANGUS      Same            Mercury (WL Pro)       1971      Hard & heavy guitar rocker – lots of effects & riffs   woc/tape on back only/promo sticker     VG+/VG++    30.00   SOLD 4/23/16

GARY BURTON QUARTET       Lofty Fake Anagram              RCA        1967      Great jazz rock that includes cool interplay between vibes & Larry Coryell on guitar – excellent.   Srw  VG+/NM                    20.00

BYZANTIUM         Seasons Changing             A&M (UK)           1973      UK prog w/blues keyboards in the mix and some excellent extended guitar jamming. Side 2 is one 20 min.+ jam that changes tempos – great!      cvr/edge wear/srw  VG(+)/VG++       60.00

CACTUS           ‘Ot ‘N’ Sweaty             Atco        1972         Their last LP – mix of live & studio hard guitar rock & keyboards    gate   cc/srw VG+/VG++         10.00                         
COPY # 2     slt cvr wear            VG+(+)/VG++           12.00     SOLD 5/4/16

CACTUS           Same               Atco          1970        Their 1st w/ plenty of heavy blues oriented rock – lotsa fuzz       srw    Both VG+                    10.00                                                       
COPY # 2       rw/cc             VG+/VG++                15.00     SOLD 6/18/16

ROBERT CALVERT         Capt. Lockheed And The Starfighters       Import        1977     Mix of music & spoken word from the ex-Hawkwind member. Has Hawkwind style space rock sound w/ Eno, Arthur Brown & Lemmy. Insert    srw  VG+(+)/VG++        20.00

CARAVAN        Canterbury Tales – Best Of        Decca (UK)     1971      Double LP comp of the best of the great UK prog band   srw    VG+(+)/NM/NM                       15.00

MICHAEL THOMAS CAHILL        Unfinished      No Label        1979         Excellent obscure private label TX acid-folk-loner-psych. VERY obscure   Insert     Both VG++                       70.00
SOLD 5/4/16

JOCKO CHARTRAND          Faithful Friend        Pure Snow       1977         Very obscure private Canadian folk – some rural sounds & psych influences  Insert    srw    VG+/NM      12.00    
SOLD 5/4/16

CHEROKEE        Same             ABC                 1971         Excellent L.A. country rocker w/Chris Hillman. Nice guitar & heavy organ. Sounds like a heavier Hearts & Flowers. Prob. more rock that country        srw               VG+/VG++                20.00

CHICKEN SHACK         Imagination Lady        Deram       1971          Classic heavy UK blues- based guitar rock. Smokin guitar & heavy backbeats     gate   Both  VG++       25.00
SOLD 4/23/16

CLASSICAL RAGAS OF INDIA Same        Limelight       1968     Hypnotic & mystical sounds w/tablas, sitars, etc. Great psychy cover   gate/insert  cc   Both VG++  15.00
SOLD 6/2/16

THE COLLECTORS       Grass & Wild Strawberries     W. Bros.        1968     Excellent Canadian psych rock w/mix of fuzz, acoustic & vocals – underrated    gate  srw   VG+/VG+(+)  20.00

ALICE COLTRANE        Universal Consciousness       Impulse           1972       Spacey free jazz w/ an eastern ethereal sound; killer keyboards & drums     gate   srw  VG+/VG+(+)  20.00
SOLD 5/9/16

CONDELLO           Phase 1          Scepter        1968        West Coast style psych w/some serious fuzz in the mix. Varied w/pop influences, raw garage & even some minor country elements  coh        Both VG+(+)                        45.00

COPPERHEAD             Same               Columbia          1973               An often ignored Bay Area psych gem w/QMS guitar genius John Cippolina’s flowing riffs   insert  srw  VG+/NM   12.00
SOLD 5/4/16
COPY # 2      rw            VG+/NM                     10.00 
COPY # 3        rw   VG+/NM                        10.00

LARRY CORYELL          Fairyland         Mega        1971        Amazing live recording of his prog-jazz-funk guitar at Montreaux, Feb. 1971    cvr wear/woc   slt noise at times  VG+/VG+(+) 20.00

LARRY CORYELL          Return             Vanguard        1979        Signature fusion guitar sound with Brecker Bros.  added as rhythm section   rw   VG+/VG+(+)    10.00

LARRY CORYELL          Lion And The Ram       Arista (WL Pro)        1976      One of his underrated gems – mostly acoustic – great subtle eclectic improvisational guitar. Excellent. Promo sticker       VG+/NM                            10.00    SOLD 5/16/16

COSMOS FACTORY       An Old Castle In Transylvania       Columbia (Japan)         1973   Very, very rare Japanese prog/psych. Heavy crushing cosmic organ and heavy guitar. POKORA  3. Gate          VG++/NM      325.00     SOLD 6/18/16

COUNTRY        Same       Clean           1971        Well done country rocker w/great vocals and harmonies; mostly acoustic but some electric guitar in the mix  srw/swct   VG+/NM      10.00      SOLD 6/18/16

COVEN             Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Souls       Mercury         1969        Heavy prog/psych with a satanic theme. Great organ & fuzz guitar. Gatefold opens to show a human sacrificial altar featuring a nude hot blond (the singer) laid out!  POKORA   2.  Partial ring wear     VG+/VG++    100.00     SOLD 6/18/16 
COPY # 2     VG+(+)/VG++              125.00      SOLD 6/18/16

KEMPER CRABB          The Vigil          Star Song          1982        Mellow Baroque rock w/a Xian theme from The Arkangel guy – varied instruments w/eastern sound at times – melodis w/ great vocals     coh    Both VG+(+)                       15.00    SOLD 4/25/16

CRABBY APPLETON                Same               Elektra            1970      L.A. tight power pop, nice guitar & vocals    cc/srw           VG+/VG++                15.00    SOLD 6/18/16

MIKE CRAIG                Stuck In Phoenix        Melanie          1972        Private acid-folk-psych from AZ. by the guy who also released the mega-rare “Daughter Of The Moon” LP. This one’s given a very big 4 by Pokora   cc/srw VG+/VG++                            399.00

THE CROME SYRCUS              Love Cycle        Command        1968            West Coast psych w/nice long tracks. Chanting, organ w/cool guitar and great colorful psychedelic cover.  Gate. Sticker on label.  VG+(+)/VG+             35.00                                                        
COPY # 2   Both VG++                                        50.00     SOLD 5/16/16

CROWFOOT         Find The Sun           ABC           1971             Heavier 3 piece rock w/great guitar. Includes Russ Dashiell & Don Francisco  rw/coh/edge wear  VG+(+)/VG++   12.00     SOLD 6/18/16

CUPID’S INSPIRATION          Yesterday’s Gone         Date              1968       UK light rock that’s soulish at times, some orchestration & vocal pop w/harmonies   srw/cc   VG+/VG+(+)  12.00

CYNARA          Same               Capitol             1971             Organ based w/long jazzed-based cuts. Boston band that had prev. been heavy psych band “Listening”.   srw/coh/sol   VG+/VG++                  30.00

JESSE ED DAVIS         Ululu                Atco                 1972            Great solo LP of guitar rock as he’s helped here by a load of famous musicians. Gate   toc/wol/lbl wrink  VG+/NM    15.00
SOLD 5/4/16

DEEP PURPLE             Same               Harvest (German)         1969      Prior to their proto-metal; heavy blues guitar jams, psychy tinged & moody prog – 2 shorts jumps s1t2   VG++/VG+                  10.00     SOLD 6/18/16

SANDY DENNY            Like An Old Fashioned Waltz              Island         1974        Fairport Convention vocalist does jazzy numbers, singer-songwriter moments – classic Denny w/ great vocals     in orig. shrink    VG++/NM      12.00     SOLD 6/18/16

DEVIL’S  KITCHEN      Same        Lysergic Sound Distributors          2011       The 3rd release on our label & the first release by the band that’s perhaps the best of the “forgotten” psychedelic bands from the legendary San Francisco scene of the late 60’s. This heavy guitar-powered 4 piece band played on a regular basis at all the major venues in The Bay Area in the late 60’s & became the house band at Chet Helms’ famous Family Dog Ballroom. There’s 8 original unreleased heavy, acid-drenched blues psych tunes here w/snakey leads & roaring fuzz by guitarist Robbie Stokes. We were able to make a deal w/the band and obtained the orig. master tapes that were originally presented to Mercury Records in 1968 (yes, they were offered a contract which they promptly turned down on the advice of their buddy, Jerry Garcia). Limited to 1000 copies & there are only a few remaining. This includes a repro of a Family Dog poster from a gig they did with Big Brother & The Holding Co. and Kaleidoscope.   BRAND NEW & NEVER PLAYED                20.00

CHERYL DILCHER       Special Songs        Ampex         1970       Beautiful folk-pop, elaborate mix, nice rhythmic play between acoustic & drums; intelligent music   VG++/VG+(+)  10.00
SOLD 5/4/16

THE DOORS       Resurrection             Paris Records (mono)           1980       2 LP set. Bootleg comp of various live recordings from 1967-1969. Long uncensored improvisation versions of their great songs.      VG+(+)/VG++/VG++          30.00

STEVE DRAKE BAND         Nature Intended          Tiger Lily          1976       Very rare and bizarre “karaoke rock” by the Long Island singer who dubbed his vocals on to various legitimate obscure UK hard rock songs. Reportedly was considered a big rock star in his small hometown. Yet another bizarre story regarding a record on the rare Tiger Lily label!       Pokora – 2. In orig. shrinkwrap    NM/NM                250.00

EARTH OPERA             Same               Elektra            1968        East Coast psych w/soaring vocals & a weird stoned backing baroque sound.    Gate   VG+(+)/VG++       12.00   SOLD 5/9/16

EARTH OPERA             Great American Eagle Tragedy          Elektra            1969      Not as psychy as their 1st – more prog w/some country flavor; it does progress to some heavier stuff as it goes on.            VG+(+)/VG+             10.00    SOLD 5/9/16

EDEN’S CHILDREN        Sure Looks Real        ABC          1968       Their 2nd LP – Boston power trio – effects & some heavy fuzz. Cover tear at bottom    VG-/VG+(+)     15.00    SOLD 6/28/16

EKSEPTION        Bingo                  Philips             1974      Dutch jazz rock w/s nice fusion sound & some funky beats        srw         Both VG+              10.00

ELECTRIC  JUNKYARD            Same               RCA                 1969          Mix of jazz/horn pop – soul sound groove   woc/tape/tear/wol VG/NM                        10.00

ELECTRIC  PRUNES       Mass In F Minor        Reprise (3 color)        1968      David Axelrod production. Conceptual psych mass w/lush background, instrumentation, funky beats & nice psychedelic guitar & effects.    wol/srw        VG+/VG+                 10.00                              
COPY # 2    rw        VG+/VG+(+)             12.00                                                                         
COPY # 3         srw      VG+(+)/VG++           15.00

ELECTRIC PRUNES         I Had Too Much To Dream….          Reprise (3 color)        1967    Orig. of well-known early fuzz-punk killer VG++/VG+(+)                       15.00     SOLD 5/5/16

ELECTRIC  SUN           Fire Wind           EMI (France)           1981         Non-stop mind-blowing guitar blasts by Uli Jon Roth – trippy songs w/Hendrix stylings   VG+(+)/VG++       12.00

ELF        Same             Epic (orange)              1972       Blues-based heavy rock w/great guitar & a young Ronnie James Dio on vocals   part rw    VG+/VG+(+)        25.00    SOLD 4/23/16

ELOY                Floating           Janus               1974         Intense German psych rock w/great acid leads – also some dreamy parts & a 14 minute acid space psych jam. Have been called “the German Pink Floyd”   part r w                  VG+/VG++                     20.00

EMBRYO          APO Calypso               April                1977             Nice Krautrock/jazz/fusion mix     VG+(+)/NM                           25.00     SOLD 6/18/16

ENOCH  LIGHT            Spaced Out                  Project 3           1969          Breezy pop rock covers of the day w/jazz-like moog sounds.  Great vocals by The Free Design. Cool space age cover art.       Gate                       VG++/NM                  12.00    SOLD 5/4/16

EPITAPH         Return To Reality                    Brain (German)          1979         Heavy Krautrock w/lots of guitar & organ post-psych heaviness.      VG++/NM                       20.00 

EPITAPH         Same               Polydor (German)          1971         Killer heavy Krautrock (their first) w/twin lead guitars and long tracks   tol/tos              POKORA – 2     VG+(+)/VG++       90.00     SOLD 6/18/16

ETERNITY’S CHILDREN          Same               Tower           1968       Cool flowing pop psych w/ male-female vocals. Curt Boettcher produced   srw          VG+(+)/VG++           75.00     SOLD 5/5/16

ETHOS             (Ardour)                      Capitol             1975           Obscure Indiana prog band w/moog, mellotron & cosmic sci-fi theme   coh     Both VG+(+)                     25.00

EYES OF BLUE             Crossroads Of Time        Mercury (promo)        1968       Heavy UK blues rock w/a U.S. West Coast sound   sticker/label   srw         VG+/VG++        45.00   SOLD 5/9/16

THE FAMILY DOGG     The View From Rowland’s Head        Buddah            1971        This guy musta been completely obsessed with Rodriguez – half the 10 tunes in this album are covers from the Cold Fact LP! Another song is a cover of Rare Bird’s “Sympathy”. Competent covers for sure – varied stuff     gate   srw/coh          VG+/VG+                   15.00     SOLD 6/18/16

MERRELL FANKHAUSER & H.M.S. BOUNTY         Things        Shamley          1968   Beautiful dreamy psych great w/jangly mystical poppy sound – great fuzz – super catchy tunes.  POKORA – 2    Promo sticker             Both VG+(+)              70.00     SOLD 5/4/16

FANTASY         Same               Liberty             1970            West Coast style blues psych w/hot lead guitar & scorchin’ vocals by their 15 year old girl singer! Cool fantasy space cover art.  Gate    srw            VG+/VG+(+)             30.00

FAT                  Same               RCA                 1970            Obscure Mass. rocker w/fuzz and plenty of heavy guitar all over srw      VG+/VG+(+)             25.00     SOLD 5/4/16

FEVER TREE      Same             Uni         1968          Their first LP of outstanding TX psych. Fuzz, effects, melancholy echoey vocals. Great ! Autographed by Dennis Keller  Both VG++   40.00 COPY # 2            in orig. shrinkwrap         VG++/VG+                12.00

MIKE FIEMS                I Would Dream           Vermillion       1974       Very rare private label haunting echoey cosmic desert acoustic folk psych. Nice electric in places. On Vernon Wray’s short-lived label. Hard to find. Lyric insert  POKORA – 2        Both VG++                275.00

THE FLAME                  Same               Brother            1970         Beach Boys related power pop group from South Africa. Exc. stuff – underrated – includes Blondie Chaplin.   srw/tos   VG+/VG++             35.00    SOLD 4/23/16

THE FLYING CIRCUS              Prepared In Peace     Harvest (UK)             1970    Aussie band doing mostly mellow rural style w/some nice harmonies – catchy tunes & some nice guitar. srw         VG+/NM                     25.00    SOLD 4/23/16

FOOD               Forever Is A Dream           Capitol             1969        Great blend of beautiful psych sounds – dreamy vocals & acid atmosphere   POKORA – 2    coh   VG+(+)/VG++   125.00
SOLD 4/23/16

A FOOT IN COLD WATER       All Around Us       Elektra (WL Pro)                1974      Heavy Canadian prog, melodic w/heavy guitar      srw     VG+/VG++         12.00     SOLD 6/28/16

FORD THEATRE           Trilogy For The Masses          ABC          1968       Popular & underrated East Coast psych w/cool guitar & a 9 min. cut   gate  srw    Both VG+   15.00   SOLD 6/2/16             
COPY # 2      srw            VG+/VG+(+)             20.00    SOLD 4/23/16

THE FREAK SCENE      Psychedelic Psoul       Columbia (mono)        1967      Companion piece to The Deep; heavy almost free form w/ great sound effects, cool guitar & freaky sound   woc           Both VG+(+)               60.00

FROGGIE BEAVER          From The Pond        F. Beaver        1973          Private label prog rock from Nebraska w/excellent guitar/keyboard mix. Very cool sound & 9 minute plus cut is killer    POKORA – 2  part seam splt/spine splt      VG+/NM                      70.00      SOLD 6/18/16

FRONTRUNNER           Runner In The Night               Raven      1984       Private Alabama AOR/pomp rock that has become somewhat sought after; hard to find / still in original shrinkwrap          VG++/NM                  20.00    SOLD 4/25/16

THE FROST         Rock And Roll           Vanguard          1969       Straight ahead guitar rock by Dick Wagner & Detroit crew    gate   VG+(+)/VG++                        10.00      SOLD 5/4/16

FRUMPY          By The Way        Billingsgate              1972       Hard German prog blues rock w/nice female vocals, organ & guitar      in orig. shrink     VG++/NM                    35.00      SOLD 6/18/16

FRUT      Keep On Truckin’     Westbound (promo)               1971      Detroit rock soul sound with some covers – 60’s sound.    Wobc    VG+(+)/NM             12.00    SOLD 4/23/16

FRUUPP          Future Legends           Dawn (UK)      1973      Very rare & excellent Irish prog rock, orchestrated w/great guitar all over.  Fabulous colorful psych cover    POKORA – 2  gate                VG++/VG+(+)          125.00     SOLD 6/18/16

RORY GALLAGHER        Blueprint       Polydor (promo)         1973     Blues rock & hard rock, showing great interplay w/keyboards.  Fantastic guitar.  srw    VG+/VG+(+)    20.00     SOLD 6/28/16

RORY GALLAGHER      Photo-Finish       Chrysalis       1978      Great blues guitar rock – great melodies, riffs w/solid bass line & drums     rw        VG+/VG+(+)             20.00    SOLD 6/28/16

THE GLASS FAMILY         Electric Band          W. Bros.          1968           Solid West Coast psych, Doorsy at times & some swirling organ & distortion guitar    rw             VG+/VG+(+)     30.00  SOLD 4/20/16

GLASS PRISM              Poe Through The Glass Prism            RCA         1969      Organ-driven light psych rock w/ Edgar Allan Poe’s works as lyrics – nice period sound   rw   VG+/VG+(+) 18.00

THE GLITTERHOUSE               Color Blind      Dynovoice       1968      Excellent lighter psych w/ lush production & nice silver foil cover    srw      VG+(+)/VG++                       20.00

GO                   Live From Paris          Island (2 LP’s)            1976         Stomu Yashita’s prog rock-jazz-fusion-space rock jams that include Winwood, Klaus Schulze & others. Some funky jams – great live album.    mark on cvr/srw       VG+/Both VG++                     20.00

GOLDEN  EARRING        Eight Miles High       Polydor (France)        1969        At their most psychedelic w/dark, trippy sounds – great guitar  soc/sol     VG+(+)/VG++        15.00
SOLD 4/23/16

GONG              Camembert Electrique            Virgin (UK)        1974         Wild experimental psychedelia from Daevid Allen’s wild French crew. Mystical, spacey weirdness w/ all kinds of sounds & effects   VG+(+)/NM       25.00     SOLD 6/18/16

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY Same        Mercury       1970        Very obscure & very good major label TX. rock w/ some mild psych elemenst; seldom seen. Partial original shrinkwrap / chipped corner      VG+/NM                                 25.00   SOLD 5/8/16

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD        On Time           Capitol             1969      Their debut album of bluesy hard guitar rock      rw      VG+/VG++                15.00

GRAPEFRUIT            Deep Water        RCA                1969         Their 2nd LP of UK roxk; more bluesy than their 1st. Some jngly guitar & fuzz leads.   stick cov/cc/srw   VG+/VG++   20.00

THE GRAVEYARD FIVE               Same                     Lysergic Sound Distributors    2013    We’d never offered a 45 in any of our catalogs before we reissued this legendary garage single. This is our authorized, restored & remastered reissue of one of the rarest garage 45’s ever pressed into wax. Truly, one of the rarest 45’s in the world, there are only a handful of original copies known to exist &  have sold for more than $4700 on the open market !  This legendary 45 comes from Northern California & is a exercise if fuzz guitar reverb-laden excess, non-stop. The record is shrouded in the supernatural, circumstance-wise with a legendary backstory. Recorded in 1968, this is a true masterpiece of 60’s garage rock that we made available for the first time as a reissue. This is a limited pressing of only 500 copies that will not be repressed. There are literally only a handful of these left.  Plain sleeve    MINT vinyl   10.00

 THE GRAVEYARD FIVE      The Graveyard Theme/The Marble Orchard      Stanco      1968  This 45 is one of the true “holy grails” of the garage rock collector world and number 11 on the G100 Collectible U.S. Garage 45’s List. Truly, one of the rarest 45’s in the world, there are only a handful of original copies known to exist and they have sold for more than $4500 when they’ve  come on the market. An exercise in fuzz guitar excess!   THIS IS AN ORIGINAL 1968 PRESSING  AND THIS COPY WAS USED TO MASTER THE 2013 REISSUE. The labels & vinyl grade visually at VG(+) to VG+. The vinyl plays superbly with almost no noise whatsoever & has been played for several of the top 45 experts in the U.S. to verify sound quality.        OFFERS

GREAT JONES             All Bowed Down         Tonsil              1970             Soulful hard blues rocker w/raspy vocals & some heavy guitar    srw                VG+/VG++                22.00

PETER GREEN             In The Skies          Sail                        1979          Heavy guitar by Fleetwood Mac founder; helped here by Pete Bardens      cc           VG+/VG++                 15.00

PETER GREEN             The End Of The Game             Reprise            1970         Solo LP by ex-Fleetwood guitar wizard – wailing fuzz and effects all over!     srw      VG+/VG++      25.00
SOLD 4/25/16

BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT         Vijf Jaar Hits               Decca (Holland/2 LP’s)                      1969       The best hits of famous Dutch folkie-singer songwriter     gate      VG+/Both VG++     10.00
SOLD 4/25/16

GROUP THERAPY        People Get Ready For            RCA        1968         Mostly covers by N. Jersey Vanilla Fudge-like band   coh      VG+(+)/VG++                 10.00      SOLD 6/18/16

GROUP THERAPY        37 Minutes Of             Philips             1969          Better than their 1st, still Fudge-like but with only 1 cover – some psych influences   rw/coh      VG+/VG++     10.00

GRYPHON         Same             Transatlantic               1973           Best described as medieval folk rock w/great instrumentation – renaissance sounding     gate       Both VG++              10.00
SOLD 4/23/16

GRYPHON       Raindance       Transatlantic (UK)                  1975         Abandoned the medieval sound, now more prog rock w/keyboards, synths & electric guitar  coh/srw    VG+/NM     10.00
SOLD 5/9/16

GULLIVER                Same         Elektra          1969         Mix of rock & blue-eyed soul w/ a young Daryl Hall.   Small cvr blemish      VG+/VG+(+)              10.00

GUN                 Gunsight                     Epic                             1969          Heavy UK psych/blues rock – heavy guitar w/ the Gurvitz Bros.   corner blemish      Both VG+              20.00 

EL GUSANO                   Fantasia Del Barrio              Joey           1975           Very rare cross of the psych sounds of TX and some soul-funk. Written & recorded by an army vet shortly after his return from Nam   woc/wol            VG+(+)/NM                        399.00      SOLD 5/16/16

HP LOVECRAFT           II                     Philips               1968         Great acid-drenched psych from Chicago / nice cover art     gate    srw  slt noise s1       VG+/VG(+)   10.00   SOLD 4/23/16

HAMILTON  FACE  BAND           Ain’t Got No Time         Bell        1970        Strange sounding non-commercial rock w/lots of talented players – jazz rock to some, rock to others   still in orig. shrink              VG++/NM                        20.00

HAMILTON  FACE  BAND            Same             Philips             1969        Another weird collection of non-commercial stuff, not unlike Mother Of Invention    coh   VG++/NM       20.00     
COPY # 2        rw                    VG+/VG++                15.00

HAMILTON  STREETCAR                     Same               Dot                  1969           Cross of pop psych w/orchestration & some heavier stuff w/effects & fuzz    srw     VG+/VG++  15.00      
COPY # 2         rw                        both VG+        10.00

HAMPTON  GREASE BAND             Music To Eat By        Columbia (2LP)        1971          Weird Beefheart-like experimental craziness. Totally non-commercial rock w/ a Zappa connection. Wild stuff     rw/cc              VG+/NM/NM                          25.00    SOLD 4/23/16

PETER  HAMMILL                    Over                Famous Charisma       1977         Tortured over the top songs about lost love; semi-ballads, pseudo operatic tales – deep, meaningful and melancholy songs from  Van Der Graaf founder     srw        VG+(+)/NM        25.00     SOLD 6/18/16

HARDWATER               Same               Capitol             1968         Excellent West Coast folk-style rock w/superb fluid guitar – laid back w/fuzz. Axelrod project  srw/coh    VG+/VG++   35.00

HEADS OF THE FAMILY          Play & Sing                 Alshire             1969         Exploito covers of the day w/a thing for CCR.        rw             Both VG+                    10.00     SOLD 4/23/16

HEART                Same                        Nat. Resources             1972         Obscure light psych w/some nice guitar & catchy tunes     rw/small tear         VG+/NM         15.00

HEAVEN & EARTH             Refuge                   Ovation (Promo & quad)           1973      Nice soft flowery rock w/some psychedelic influences & great female vocals     VG+(+)/NM      35.00
SOLD 5/8/16
COPY # 2          srw – mark near end of s2 slt noise    VG+/VG                15.00     SOLD 5/8/16

HELP  YOURSELF                Strange Affair                 UA                  1972       UK pub rock w/some CSN country style harmonies & some psych influences   rw/cc    VG+/NM     20.00

DAVIS  HEMMINGS                 Happens          MGM               1967          Great acid folk w/Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman; some orchestral & experimental sounds – Byrds-like   rw/coh   VG+/NM            40.00     SOLD 5/4/16

BUGS  HENDERSON  GROUP           At Last                Armadillo                    1978       Smokin’ TX heavy power trio doing guitar boogie blues rock – frantic, HOT!     srw    VG+/VG+(+)   15.00
SOLD 5/9/16

CAROLYN  HESTER             Same               RCA (quad)            1973             Nice faster paced country flavored folk rock w/some nice guitar great vocals     srw    VG+/NM                     10.00     SOLD 6/18/16

THE HIGH WINDOWS Same               Hed-Arzi            1967          Israeli trio – this was considered the 1st Israeli pop LP. Beatles influenced w/harmonies & nice instrumentation.  Srw – plays well w/min. noise            VG+/VG(+)                10.00

THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS           Good Taste Is Timeless          Metromedia (WL Pro)      1971                       More conventional for them – country rock w/some of their previous zaniness, just dialed back a bit       srw                  VG+(+)/NM               20.00

HOOKFOOT                 Good Times A’ Comin’ A&M (WL Pro)             1972        Great guitar, organ & harmonies – UK rocker      gate     srw     VG+/VG++                     25.00

HOOKFOOT           Same                     A&M                1971             Their 1st – heavy blues rock w/some great guitar – diverse      gate    srw           VG+/VG++                20.00

HOSANNA                    Forever             Shadow                     1978          Private label IL. Xian band doing mostly covers in the light rock vein. Their 2 originals are the key here w/loud electric guitar. Very obscure w/colorful cover        VG+/VG+                   10.00      SOLD 6/18/16            
COPY # 2       In orig. shrinkwrap Both VG++                        15.00     SOLD 6/18/16

HOUSTON  FEARLESS             Same               Imperial                      1968       TX. garage w/heavy organ & fuzz. Compared to I. Butterfly but more melodic   in orig. shrinkwrap VG++/NM             25.00     SOLD 4/20/16

HUMBLE  PIE                          Same               A&M                1970           Solid heavy hard blues rock – raw vibe – guitars   gate  slt cvr wear      VG+/VG+(+)             15.00    SOLD 4/25/16

PAUL  HUMPHREY             Supermellow             Blue Thumb            1973         Great breezy West Coast jazz/soul rock w/ great musicians – funky    srw/coh     VG+/NM       12.00    SOLD 4/25/16

HURDY GURDY           Same               CBS (UK)              1972            VERY RARE  Danish HEAVY psych power trio w/wailing guitar all over. POKORA – 4   Gatefold small writing on back cover                       VG+(+)/NM                                                399.00   

ILL WIND              Flashes             ABC                      1968        Great West Coast style hippie-psych w/”Airplane” sound. Fluid guitar jams & female vocals     srw   VG+/VG+(+)     50.00    SOLD 5/5/16

IRON BUTTERFLY           Ball              Atco                 1969         Well known heavy San Diego psych    gate    coh          VG+(+)/VG++                   15.00                                                                  COPY # 2           VG++/VG+                                        12.00

IVAR  AVENUE  REUNION                   Same               RCA                 1970       Great mix of heavy rock, blues & soul w/some male-female vocals & heavy fuzz.  All star cast – Charley Musselwhite, Barry Goldberg, Neil Merryweather, Lynn Carey & more!     VG++/NM      40.00

JAB                  Punch/Just Another Band         JAB               1979       Very obscure Colorado power pop/AOR; male-female vocals some funky beats       VG++/NM                20.00

JANUARY  TYME            First Time From Memphis        Enterprise         1970      Blues psych rock w/excellent guitar & female vocals – like The Airplane & Janis    coh/part sm splt    VG+/VG++                                  25.00     SOLD 5/5/16

CLAY JARVIS               Same               CJ                    197?                Private  press by TX guitar slinger – mix of folk, psych & rock – very obscure – excellent     VG++/NM      25.00   
SOLD 5/4/16

JELLYBREAD               First Slice             Blue Horizon          1970      UK soft piano-driven solo artist style pop w/plenty of brass – light weight sound     swct/srw      VG+/VG++   15.00
SOLD 5/5/16

MORDICAI  JONES                  Same               Polydor                       1971      Link Wray & Bobby Howard’s LP of rural blues styled rock w/some of Link’s great guitar, of course. Gatefold    clear tape on 1 seam                 VG+/VG+(+)             45.00     SOLD 5/8/16

JUICY  LUCY               Pieces             Polydor (German)         1972        Changed here from old blues rock to more commercial rock-pop-country    has slt water wrinkle/small tear   VG(+)/NM                   15.00

KAK                 Same               Epic                 1969                 Fab West Coast psych classic w/all the elements     srw/slt cvr stain    VG+/VG++                         185.00   SOLD 5/8/16

KALEIDOSCOPE            When Scopes Collide            Pac. Arts         1976         Lot of exotic instrumentation w/ Eastern & country stylings       rw             VG+/VG++    20.00

ALI  AKBAR  KHAN           Sound Of The Sarod           World Pac.           1967      Classical Indian ragas by one of the masters       gate    srw/sm splts       VG+/VG+(+)               20.00

THE  “KINGS”  CHILDREN              It’s For Real             King’s Center          1973         Private IL. Xian electric folk rock w/rural flair and some pysch flair or two  slt cvr wear  VG+/VG+(+) 10.00
SOLD 4/25/16    

THE “KINGS” CHILDREN           Spring 1973               King’s Center              1973        Very obscure IL.  Xian folk – jangly guitar – good songs & harmonies     Both VG++      12.00

KINGDOM                   Same               Specialty                     1970            Heavy bluesy fuzz rock w/ smokin’ dual guitars & swirling organ     coh/cc       VG+/VG++                 85.00   SOLD 4/23/16

KRACKER                     Same               Primo              1978        Private Spokane guitar-driven hard rock – obscure                       VG++/NM                  30.00    SOLD 4/23/16

LADD               Lady Up The Stairs                 B.F. Deal         1976      Obscure private Colorado label mix of folk, SSW, & country rock – elec. & acoustic    orig. shrink   Both NM   35.00

THE LAST RITUAL                   Same               Capitol            1969      Semi-commercial rock w/some horns – soul sound at times     gate   woc/srw       VG+/VG++                   20.00

THR LAZER BAND        When The Manslayers Jam          Erect           1980         Their 1st LP of heavy AOR hard rock – guitar!      VG++/VG+(+)                   15.00

THE LAZER BAND             Slammin’ Romance                        Erect        1982        Mix of hard rockers & pop rock – still plenty of guitar           Both VG++           25.00                             
COPY # 2         cc         VG+(+)/VG++                       20.00

THE LEAVES                Hey Joe           Mira                 1966               Great W. Coast garage rock – fuzz fave            srw                  VG+/NM                     25.00     SOLD 4/20/16

THE LEFT BANKE         Walk Away Renee        Smash           1967         Well know Baroque psych     in orig. shrink  Both VG+(+)              15.00    SOLD 4/23/16

THE  LEGEND              Same               Megaphone           1968         Colorado band doing a mix of psych & pop – mixed bag – upbeat    small cvr tear      VG+/VG              10.00    SOLD 5/4/16

LIGHT  RAIN                      Dream Dancer              Magi                    1978      Middle-eastern drenched sound / instruments ; exotic trancey         Both VG++                      20.00

LIGHTNING                 Same               P.I.P.               1970                  Heavy guitar rocker w/Zip Caplan of Litter    woc       VG+(+)/VG++                    25.00    SOLD 4/23/16

LINN COUNTY             Proud Flesh Soothsayer         Mercury          1968           San Fran band w/some nice psych mixed w/blues – jazz rock     gate   coh      Both VG+              10.00
SOLD 4/23/16

LOOSE  BROTHERS              A Celebration                  Cloudburst         1978           Also known as “The Omaha Loose Brothers”. Private Nebraska rural acid hippie folk. Very obscure & very well done        srw                     VG+/NM                     35.00

LOVE CHAPTER BAND City Of Refuge Tunesmith              1980         Xian prog rock w/some great hard rock guitar & synth. Very nice cover & excellent  7 minute plus cut. Gate                      VG++/NM                  10.00    SOLD 4/25/16

LOVE SCULPTURE          Forma And Feelings             Parrot          1970       Excellent UK psych-infused rock W/ bluesy elements & hot guitar           rw       Both VG+            20.00            
COPY  # 2      srw              VG+(+)/VG++                       30.00                                          
COPY # 3           EMI/Parlaphone   UK  press   vinyl dimple causes pops   VG++/VG+  25.00

LOVE SCULPTURE                   Blue Helping               EMI/Parlaphone (UK)          1968      Heavy UK blues guitar rock w/Dave Edmunds     2 press flaws cause pops     VG++/VG+  15.00

LUCIFERS  FRIEND                 Mind Exploding           Janus               1976         U.S. version of heavy German prog w/loud guitars – powerful sound.    coh      VG+(+)/NM      15.00
SOLD 4/23/16

McLUHAN             Anomaly            Brunswick              1972        Chicago jazz-fusion-prog; melodic w/subdued guitars. Well done & only 4 long tracks. Outstanding cover art. Gate   coh                 VG+(+)/VG++           40.00    SOLD 6/18/16

MADRIGAL                  Sunshine And Baked Beans            Tuesday              1970    Canadian psych tinged rural rocker         srw/coh        VG+/NM                  20.00    SOLD 4/25/16

MAHOGANY  RUSH          Strange Universe               20th Century           1975      Hard rock proto metal smoker w/Frank Marino & his Hendrix-influenced guitar – heavy     gate     srw  VG+/NM                                 20.00

AHMED ABDUL-MALIK           East Meets West         RCA Victor (mono)        1959      Bass player w/Monk does his Eastern influenced jazz bop – different styles – great!    water damage at cover bottom                       VG/VG+(+)                25.00    SOLD 5/9/16

MAMA  LION               Preserve Wildlife          Family         1972       Hard blues rock w/ hot guitar & great female vocals by Lynn Carey – great surprise inside cover   VG+/VG++  40.00
SOLD 4/23/16

HARVEY  MANDEL           Cristo Redentor           Philips           1968            Chicago guitarist’s 1st LP – smooth fluid lines w/variety of distortion & effects. Excellent stuff.   srw   VG+/VG+(+)  15.00

MARCUS              Same                       Kinetic             1970         Orchestrated psychedelia folk w/dreamy, mellow reflective sound – vibrato vocals by Rusty Evans of The Freak Scene. From the great San Fran period sound       srw     VG+/NM                  30.00    SOLD 5/9/16

MASHMAKHAN                 The Family             Epic                 1970        Montreal prog band w/ flute – strings & some hits of heavy guitar – melodic      srw/cc     VG+/NM      20.00    SOLD 4/25/16

MASON PROFFIT             Wanted!                  Happy Tiger           1970       Great & very under-rated IL. country rock w/ the Talbot Bros. Very catch tunes, tight playing & fab harmonies; includes the excellent tunes “Two Hangmen” , very anti-establishment tune. Are these guys the most underrated country rockers of the era?    Gate   woc    VG+(+)/VG++     15.00
SOLD 5/9/16

MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT       Same         Decca                 1969        Ian Matthews” 1st after leaving Fairport Conv. Mix of rock, country, old English folk and some covers as well.   Gate     srw/cc              VG+/VG++                20.00

MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT          Second Spring         Uni (UK)           1970      Same as the debut but stronger in the country sound. Robust.  Insert    srw    VG+/NM        25.00     SOLD 6/18/16

MAXFIELD PARRISH                It’s a Cinch                 Curnon 1972           Cool mix of California country like The Byrds & Eastern sounds w/ ex-members of Kaleidoscope. Some nice fuzz in the mix – good one!        ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED                40.00    SOLD 4/23/16

MAY BLITZ                  Same               Paramount            1970             Canadian/UK heavy power trio – hard mix of psych w/blues & hard rock. Druggy references & killer guitar jams.  Gate VG+(+)/NM                          50.00      SOLD 4/17/16

MECKI MARK MEN           Same                      Limelight            1968            Great Swedish psuch w/organ-driven hard psych to jazz rock to droned out experimental w/ guitar & feedback. HOT!     Gate        rw/sm crease             VG+/NM                     50.00

MEPHISTOPHELES             In Frustration ….             Reprise            1969       Their only LP of prog rock w/heavy drums, spaced-out guitar riffs & even some mellow moments. Gate   VG+/VG++                         15.00      SOLD 5/9/16                                                                                     
COPY # 2          rw             Both VG+                        10.00

THE MERRY-GO-ROUND             Lovely Woman           A&M             1967         Well-produced mix of jangly pop folk rock w/Beatles’ like harmonies. Emitt Rhodes led   2 coh  VG+(+)/NM      15.00     SOLD 6/18/16

MERZBOW                   With Memorial Gadgets               RRR (Japan)           1986      Double LP of Japanese experimental improvisational / noise w/ loops, sound effects, bells, drums, electro-tricks, etc.  VERY HARD TO FIND.         VG+(+)/VG(+)/VG++           70.00

MESSAGE             Astral Journeys            Brain (German)               1978        German hard rock prog w/some Hawkwind style synths but diverse.       VG++/NM             VG++/NM      45.00     SOLD 6/18/16

MESSAGE                    Using The Head          Brain (German)          1977     Krautrock band moves to more mainstream rock w/some funky sounds at times. Some heavy guitar and organ at times            VG++/NM                        15.00

METHUSELAH                  Matthew Mark Luke & John           Elektra (red)               1969    UK mix of prog folk & pop psych – some excellent guitar  insert    wol/srw   VG+/NM    25.00
SOLD 5/4/16

LEE MICHAELS              Carnival Of Life         A&M         1969        Brilliant psych w/great organ and fuzz by Euphoria’s Hamilton Wesley Watt. Not at all like his later commercial stuff.        srw    VG+/VG++                               20.00                                                                                
COPY # 2        cvr tear     VG/VG++            12.00                                                                 
COPY # 3        cvr tear        VG/VG+(+)    10.00

NANCY MICHAELS                  First Impressions              Reprise         1969       Obscure singer songwriter folk/soft rock w/obvious Joni Mitchell influence   gate    cc/srw  Both VG+   10.00 COPY # 2      VG+(+)/VG++                       12.00                                          
COPY # 3       srw/time strip     VG+/VG++                        10.00

MIDNIGHT             Into The Night                  No Label                      1977        Rare private IL. hard rock that touches on garage punk. Lots of excellent dual guitar leads w/keyboards – heavy!     srw         VG+/VG+(+)          125.00    SOLD 6/18/16

MIND GARAGE               Again! The Electric Liturgy              RCA                 1970       W. Va. garage rock / electric Xian psych much like Electric Prunes’ “Mass In F Minor”    Gate    corner bump/sol        VG+(+)/NM                        35.00

MINT TATTOO             Same               Dot                  1969        Heavy blues fuzz psych w/ ex-Blue Cheer guitarist. Cool die cut cover w/topless chick inside    gate srw   VG+/VG+(+)  25.00

MOONRAKERS Together With Him           Shamley                1968          Fuzzed-out Jesus music from Denver w/strong drums by Jerry Corbetta   rw/coh    VG+/VG+(+)      25.00    SOLD 5/8/16

MORNING  GLORY                  Two Suns Worth         Fontana           1967    Very good under-valued West Coast psych w/female vocals, fuzz & effects. Very San Fran   srw/coh     Both VG+                    12.00

JOHN MORELL Instrumental Hit Sounds           SM/Capitol (quad)         1973      Solo guitarist doing his versions of pop hits of the day  2  COPIES  Both  VG++/NM     10.00

MOUNT RUSHMORE                ’69                   Dot         1969        Heavy, crude guitar rock from a bunch of San Fran grungers – raw & hot!        srw      VG+/NM         30.00
SOLD 6/18/16

MOUNTAIN  BUS            Sundance                 Good                1971       Well known psych w/long extended acid guitar jams – always compared to The Dead – similar but heavier      small cvr tear at bottom            VG+/NM                                 70.00     SOLD 5/4/16

THE MUSIC MACHINE Talk Talk         Orig. Sound          1966       Well known classic garage punk    woc/rw                        VG+/VG+(+)             20.00     SOLD 5/4/16

THE NATIONAL LIBERATION JUG BAND FRONT            Same         Giuseppe Garibaldi      1967 Home made lo-fi effort by a bunch of  students at Oberlin College in Ohio, as they do a bunch of old risque blues tunes with kazoos, acoustic, slide guitar, harmonica, washboard, jug, etc. They even credit one guy with playing “the motorcycle”!! Has male - female vocals that are pretty good. A band of progressive 60’s activists  (even a faculty member included) having fun on an album that was undoubtedly pressed in miniscule numbers. Sounds like a mix of The Fugs, Jim Kweskin & The Charlatans. This has 3 insert sheets with bios of the band members. Paste on cover has a picture of Giuseppe Garibaldi. Shows plenty of marks but plays well.    VG+/VG                                  35.00

NITZINGER                 Same               Capitol             1972          Heavy electric guitar w/ hard leads. Some Southern rock moments but mostly guitar.  Textured cvr/ gate  Both VG++  15.00
SOLD 4/23/16

THE OAKS BAND             Rockland Road               Rockland Road                 1977       Rural/gospel rock by the band who later backed The Oak Ridge Boys; one cut w/some crazy psych effects!       srw                     VG+/VG+(+)                         15.00
SOLD 6/18/16

ODYSSEY                     Setting Forth               Trip                  1990            Reissue of the mega- rare & great N.Y. heavy psych that’s loaded w/swirling organ, ferocious fuzz & powerful vocals – one of the great ones.            STILL ORIGINALLY SEALED    80.00

CHRIS OGLESBY         Introducing                 Applause                     197?         Obscure private Xian folk w/some AOR sounds and cool use of the moog. Not in Ken Scott’s “Archivist”- a rare one.            VG+(+)/VG++                       40.00

101 STRINGS              Astro Sounds From The Year 2000         Alshire             1968     a reinvention of The Animated Egg – heavy fuzz overlaid w/spacey strings & gimmickery. Has some visible marks & some noise – nothing real bad    srw     VG+/VG(+)    10.00    SOLD 4/23/16

THE OTHER HALF                 Same                  Acta                 1968        Killer psych/hard rock w/Randy Holden on guitar – blasting heaviness.   woc    VG+/VG(+)        25.00   
SOLD 4/23/16

PALADIN                     Charge!                       Bronze (UK)                1972        UK prog w/lotsa heavy guitar . Cool Roger Dean cover art.     Gate  srw      VG+/VG++        65.00

HARRY PARTCH          The World Of               Columbia             1969         Weird LP of experimental music by the outsider noise composer who also built his own very unusual instruments – tripped out – spacey.   Gate  srw      VG+/VG++                30.00

P.O.A.              Home               Applause                     1978         Rare/obscure  private IL. Jesus rock. Rural edged & guitar driven w/some roarin’ fuzz. Few horns at times that are not at all intrusive.                  VG++/VG+(+)                       80.00     SOLD 5/16/16

PARIS PILOT               Same               H.I.P.               1969              Semi-commercial rock w/mild psych elements – cool organ – Memphis based     VG++/NM                    20.00      SOLD 6/18/16

THE PASSING CLOUDS           Hawks And Doves                  Pete                 1969     Soft breezy light psych w/ an occasional fuzz blast – nice vocals & harmonies. This is an advance copy with a plain cover, but all 5 band members have autographed it.       VG++/NM       50.00

PAT AND SANDY         Magic-Minstrels-Music           Ragdoll            1972?      Obscure private Georgia rural folk psych, rich instrumentation, male-female vocals – hard to find         ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED                  40.00     SOLD 5/4/16

PEACE & QUIET              Same           Kinetic             1970          Florida based hard gritty guitar rock w/some great organ as well. Sound & look like Josefus!      VG(+)/NM       12.00
SOLD 5/9/16

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE         One Nation Underground         ESP               1967     Acid inspired mystical folk folk-psych w/heavy lyrics & mesmerizing Eastern sound   srw  VG+(+)/VG++ 20.00

PECK-SMYTH & OFF               Love                Orfeon (Mexico)           1976        Obscure & rare flower power psych – great melodies w/some symphonic sounds & nice fuzz; obscure Mexican psych by some U.S. renegade musicians    POKORA – 3   srw   VG+(+)/VG++  100.00
SOLD 5/24/16

NATHAN PERKINS BAND             Same                      Freeflight        1976       Rare Xian soft folk-rock-psych w/some excellent downer guitar solos & dreamy vocals    VG++/NM      50.00

PHOENIX  SONSHINE             Shinin’ In The Light                 Destiny            1971       Red & yellow cover version of outstanding Xian folk rock w/acoustic, nice organ & resonant guitar.  srw           VG+/VG+(+)             12.00     SOLD 4/23/16

PINK FLOYD                The Wall Live              No Label          198?    Triple album of Floyd ar the Nassau Coliseum 2/28/1980      VG+/NM/NM/VG+(+)                  45.00   SOLD 11/22/16

PODIPTO              Same                      GRT                 1973            Minnesota based doing mellow rural rock w/male-female vocals & one fuzzed out heavy                   Both VG++    30.00
COPY # 2              srw               Both VG+(+)              20.00

POOKAH                 Same                    UA                   1969           Hard to categorize w/mix of raga acid folk, blues rock, prog & psych – keyboards & tight drums. Gate  wol/bk. cvr/rw  VG+/VG+(+)                     22.00    SOLD 4/23/16

PROCESSION                Same             Smash (WL Pro)          1969      Aussie light pop rock w/male vocals & cool psychy cover     srw/sol       VG+/VG++            12.00     SOLD 6/18/16

PROVIDENCE              Ever Sense The Dawn Threshold           1972      Obscure Idaho band doing smooth pastoral sounds – string filled, many compare it to The Moody Blues.    Gate. sol/srw/coh         VG+/VG++                        20.00    SOLD 5/9/16

THE QUEEN’S NECTARINE MACHINE Mystical Power Of Roving Tarot Gamble      ABC  1968      Hard to find melodic pop rock w/offbeat mild psych/hard rock. Gate  srw      VG+/NM                                   25.00     SOLD 6/2/16

QUICKSAND                Home Is Where I Belong                Dawn (UK)            1973        Rare Welsh hard rock band w/psych edges, featuring fuzz guitar & organ & some mellotron  POKORA – 2          VG++/NM                160.00     SOLD 4/23/16

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE The Best Of                 Capitol (Holland)       ??       A comp of their best from the 60’s        coh       VG+/NM               10.00      SOLD 5/16/16

QUIVER                       Gone In The Morning              Warner Bros. (WL Pro)           1972    Commercial hard rock w/a country flavor on some cuts – good guitar    rw/small cvr tear  VG+/NM                                 10.00

RARE BIRD                  Somebody’s Watching            Polydor           1973        UK pop rock w/prog touch – nice playing & some funky moments        cc VG+(+)/NM               10.00     SOLD 6/18/16

JERRY RAYE                Featuring Fenwyck                 DeVille            1967       VERY RARE red vinyl orig. Strange mix of acid folk & teen pop w/the epic song “Mindrocker”. Very hard to find.  POKORA – 2.         srw                  VG+/VG++                            150.00

REUNION BAND AND FRIENDS          Ocean Of Love           Living Love                  1977  Obscure hippie – communal new age acid folk  Gate    VG+(+)/VG++             15.00    SOLD 5/8/16

RENACIMIENTO                      Same              no label                                               1978              A MEGA-RARE ALBUM that we here at LSD actually discovered about 15 years ago. It’s primitive Mexican  Jesus garage rock, recorded by a young American missionary living in Mexico at the time and his Mexican  backup band. It has a great homemade sound – sometimes garage, sometimes psych & some-times lyrical with  great guitar the common theme. There’s 10 original cuts, including several with thick, fat crude fuzz.  Instrumentation consists of bass, drums, organ, vocals and what sounds like synth on 1 track. The album was recorded in Mexico & all lyrics and liner notes are in Spanish. Unless you understand Spanish, you’d be  hard-pressed to recognize this as Jesus music. Ken Scott describes this album in his 3rd edition of  “The Archivist” as ludicrously rare! Only a few copies are known to be in circulation and only a couple have  ever been offered on the internet – at least one of those copies was purchased from us. Rich Haupt, the guru behind the Rockadelic Label, rated it an 8.5 on a 10 scale. We had a small number of these a few years ago & sold them out almost overnight. We were recently able to acquire a small number of SEALED COPIES of this rare record from the source & are offering them here again for what will probably be a limited time - - this is in Pokora’s newest 7001 book at a "2".   ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED            249.00

JOHN RENBOURN                   So Clear          Transatlantic (UK)        1973        Nice comp of work by the amazing UK guitarist       srw         VG+(+)/VG++              20.00     SOLD 5/8/16

RIG                  Same               Capitol             1970         Obscure major label folky, rural-tinged sound, nice vocals & druggy references          srw/coh   VG+/VG++                20.00

ANDY ROBINSON                    Patterns Of Reality                 Philips             1968      Male vocal folk pop & soft rock w/some psych influenced rock. Not well known, but very good.  coh   VG+(+)/VG++                                30.00     SOLD 5/8/16

ROCK & DRUMS          Free                 JVC (quad)                  1972         Hard to find Japanese quad LP of covers but w/different treatments. Percussion, heavy funk rock w/some extended drum breaks            VG++/NM                  25.00

ROWAN BROTHERS                 Same               Columbia                     1972        Calif. duo debut LP of country rock, folk & pop w/some cosmic, hippie-like sounds. Gate     VG+(+)/NM      10.00

RUMPLESTILTSKIN                 Same               Bell (WL Pro)              1970             Heavy rock by a bunch of UK studio guys. Hot electric guitar/organ interplay; cool cartoon cover art.  tos    VG+/VG++                    35.00     SOLD 4/25/16

COLLIE  RYAN             The Giving Tree          Rainbow                      1973        Private acoustic  Santa Barbara, CA. female folk w/ a mystical, moody edge & great vocals. Catchy songs with nice melodies & minor chord progressions. These small pressings were sold only in the local “New Age Farms” store. All 3 of her albums have fantastic & colorful psychedelic cover art done by Collie herself. Great sounding & great looking.  ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED     80.00
SOLD 5/4/16

COLLIE RYAN              Indian Harvest                        Rainbow           1973        Similar style as above.             ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED                80.00     SOLD 5/4/16

COLLIE RYAN              Takin’ Your Turn           Rainbow                    1973         Her third album and probably the strongest              ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED                 80.00     SOLD 5/4/16

SRC                  Same               Capitol             1968          Great debut of Michigan hard rock/psych band w/lotsa fuzz – killer!         srw           VG+/VG+(+)             30.00    SOLD 5/5/16

SRC                  Milestones                  Capitol             1969                Their 2nd LP of heavy fuzzed out  psych          srw                  VG+/VG++                30.00

SRC                  Traveler’s Tale                       Capitol             1970          Their 3rd & last LP of the heavy psych in the garage style. Gate        srw                  VG+/VG++                40.00      
COPY # 2    rw            VG+/VG+(+)                         35.00    

SACRED MUSHROOM              Same               Parallax                      1969          Well-known heavy fuzzed out blues rock – some psych in the mix & one of the best covers ever!  VG+(+)/VG++                     135.00     SOLD 6/18/16

PAUL BRETT SAGE                  Same               Janus               1970        Well done & complex UK folk chamber psych    srw/woc                    VG+/VG++                35.00

SAINT STEVEN              Over The Hills           Probe              1969       Well known & sought after East Coast psych w/dominant orga n & great guitar – doomy at times – excellent! Gate VG++/VG+(+)           80.00                                                                            
COPY # 2           Both VG+(+)                  75.00

SAINTROCK  CONCEPTUAL  ORCHESTRA             Same                   CER                  1978        East Coast Xian psychedelic pop w/fuzz, organ, vibraphone, effects, chimes, flute & a stones sound. Very obscure.   ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED     60.00     SOLD 5/4/16

SALVATION                 Gypsy Carnival Caravan                    ABC                 1968      Nice San Fran psych w/nice keyboards, guitar & trippy extended 60’s sounding cuts. Gate    srw   VG+(+)/VG++                40.00     SOLD 5/26/16

SAPO               Same               Bell                  1974             Good & heavy Latin rock w/guitar, organ & horns                        VG+(+)/VG++                       25.00    SOLD 4/23/16

THE SEEDS                  Future             GNP/Cresc.                 1967       Raw garage punk sound of their past coupled w/more psychedelic material. Gate  no insert    Both VG+(+)   30.00

THE BOB SEGER SYSTEM                    Noah                Capitol             1969    Seger’s 2nd LP – a mix of late 60’s garage & Detroit flavored psych       srw       VG+/VG++               60.00     
COPY # 2     rw/coh                        VG+/VG+(+)             50.00

SELAH                 Consider These Words                    Almond Tree               1975     Mostly mellow Xian folk w/male-female vocals & mild psych moments    woc/srw   Both VG+   10.00
SOLD 4/25/16

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT           Gloria              Dunwich (mono)         1966         1st LP by the famous Chicago garage band    sol          Both VG+(+)                       25.00

SHIVA’S HEADBAND               Psychedelic Yesterday           Ape         1978     Strong country        rock w/electric violin – somewhat like The Farm Band.              VG++/NM     12.00
SOLD 4/23/16

SHIVA’S HEADBAND               Take Me To The Mountains                Capitol           1970   A mix of country rock w/elec. Violin & mild psych influences        sol         VG+(+)/VG++      15.00
SOLD 4/23/16

SHIVA’S HEADBAND               Primo Of Life               Moon Tower        1983     Crazy mix of reggae, urban funk, congas, etc. A weird mix of sounds from the TX. band.   Sol  VG++/NM  10.00     SOLD 6/18/16

THE SIDEWINDERS                 Same               RCA                 1972                Obscure E. Coast power pop/blues rock w/nice guitar. Future producer Andy Paley on vocals.    sol/part sm splt/promo sticker                        VG+/NM                     25.00     SOLD 5/5/16

SILVER  METRE                       Same               Nat. General               1970        Heavy guitar rock w/touches of psych – guitar by ex-Blue Cheer Leigh Stephens. Gate   Both VG++     15.00
SOLD 4/25/16

SIR LORD BALTIMORE            Kingdom Come            Mercury          1970      Their 1st LP – ultra heavy doomy proto-metal killer guitar rock all the way. Gate  woc/lbl tear/sol/wol    VG+(+)/VG++            45.00     SOLD 6/28/16

SIRIUS            Rising              ElcricFlow                   1979             Ex-Bubble Puppy members – hard guitar rocker sol/srw/back cvr tear        VG+/VG++        35.00

SKID ROW                   Same               Epic                 1970        Very heavy UK blues based guitar rock w/ Gary Moore – smokin’!    cc       ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED            50.00

BOB SMITH                 The Visit          Kent (2 LP’s)               1970        Great collectible dreamy West Coast psych gem w/phased vocals & fuzz all over. No poster.   rw/back sm splt/bent corners            VG(+)/VG++/VG++                                                 130.00

TIGER B. SMITH                      We’re The Tiger Bunch             Janus             1975      Heavy German rock trio. Prog fuzz, blues rock w/long instrumental passages – raw heavy yet melodic at times       cc/srw                    VG+/VG+(+)             20.00     SOLD 5/9/16

CHRIS SMITHER         Don’t Drag It On                     Poppy              1972         UK folkie & excellent guitarist – folk blues w/depth & melancholy – mostly covers but done very well. Powerful vocals by this unsung talent. Gate     VG+(+)/VG++     35.00     SOLD 5/8/16

SMOKE            Feat. Bro. John Orvis              Uni                   1969     Blues guitar rocker by band of bikers w/marginal skills; crude & raw but real. Great side long jam – like the Mt. Rushmore guys. Gate                 rw/coh/sol     VG+/VG++                15.00    SOLD 5/4/16

SMOKESTACK  LIGHTNING                Off The Wall                Bell                  1969      Mix of soul flavored blues pop rock & hard rocl w/some good guitar passages    cc/rw      VG+/VG+(+)  12.00

SOCRATES  DRANK  THE  CONIUM                On The Wings              Polydor (Greece) 1973 Heavy Greek hard rock w/dual guitars & hot drums – good slab of hard guitar rock.      POKORA – 3               VG+(+)/NM              75.00     SOLD 6/18/16

SONG  ALBUM                Same                        MGM (promo)             1970      Curt Boettcher produced pop rock w/ Mickey Rooney, Jr. on guitar. Actually, very good – obviously Beatles’ influenced nice harmonies        srw      VG+/VG++                15.00                                           
COPY # 2   rw                    VG+/NM                     20.00

SOPWITH  CAMEL                   Miraculous Hump                    Reprise                        1973   Laid back San Fran jazzy Eastern-influenced rock. Gate             VG+(+)/VG++      12.00

SOUL SURVIVORS              Take Another Look          Atco                 1969        Nice Southern sounding blue eyed soul from Philly. Prod. by Gamble & Huff. In original shrinkwrap         Both VG++              15.00     SOLD 6/18/16

SOUP                           Same                           Arf Arm           1970        Rare private Wisconsin wasted psych w/shredding blues-based heavy fuzz & stoned West Coast sound. Sounds, at times like early Quicksilver.  POKORA – 3.   Plain paste on cover      Both VG++      75.00

SOUTHWEST  F.O.B.                Smell Of Incense                    HIP                  1968   TX. psych with great 12 min. + psych jam – cover shows 4 naked chicks in a Plexiglas box     srw/cc  VG+/NM              40.00   SOLD 5/26/16

SPACE OPERA             Same               Epic                 1970         Very good & heavy dual lead guitar rock – some long cuts        VG+(+)/NM                               30.00    SOLD 4/23/16

SPITTIN’ IMAGE           The Boy’s A Dancer              Juke Box                     1982      Private Midwest hadr rock/AOR – nice guitar & Mimi Rousseau on vocals       srw     VG+/NM    15.00

ST. ALBERT’S DREAM Same          Lysergic Sound Distributors             October, 2013.     The sixth release on our own label - - this is a limited edition vinyl-only hand numbered pressing of 800 copies that’s one of the heaviest fuzz psych garage compilations ever pressed; psychedelia with an acid inspired sound throughout. There’s 11 extra-heavy cuts, originally recorded from 1968 to 1972 by 11 different very obscure  bands from all over the U.S.  All tracks are authorized, restored and remastered from various sources,  including unreleased master tapes & newly discovered acetates. None of these tracks have previously been  comped on vinyl anywhere. These unknown bands include ORACLE, WHEATRIDGE, the funereal organ and sludge  guitar of GREYLOCK MANSION, a 7 minute Hendrix-inspired space fuzz anthem by FROZEN SUN           and seven more similar unknown bands that leave you with a record full of acid-drenched trippy lyrics, swirling organ,  spacey effects and heavy guitar with tons of fuzz and thumpin’ wah-wah. The wildly colorful cryptic psychedelic  cover is a brother to Cream’s “Disraeli Gears” or Golden Dawn’s “Power Plant”, obviously over-the-top. Was given a great review in issue # 37 of Shindig! Magazine and ended up as the 23rd highest rated album in 2013 on the popular “Rate Your Music” web site.   Very few left!     MINT UNPLAYED                 19.00

STANDELLS                 In Person At PJ’s        Liberty             1964         Early live show prior to their big hits – raw rock covers here Both VG++                 20.00      SOLD 6/18/16

STANDELLS                 Live Out Of Sight                Sunset                  1966      L.A. garagers w/a re-package of the PJ’s LP. In orig. shrinkwrap        VG++/NM                  15.00

STEEL RIVER               Weighin’ Heavy          Evolution         1970        Excellent underrated rock/psych w/fuzz & swirling organ. Textured cover.  In orig. shrink.   Both VG++   15.00
SOLD 5/5/16

JEREMY STEIG                Energy                     Capitol             1970          Long jazzy flute/vibe jams w/echo, reverb, feedback & “psychedelic engineering”.    Small cvr stain  VG+/NM   15.00

SIMON STOKES AND THE INCREDIBLE BLACKWHIP THRILL BAND Same       Spindizzy 1973                    Mix of hard rock , some soft ballads & goofy stuff w/Stokes’ gruff vocals & nice guitar. Hot chick bondage cover art!       VG+(+)/VG++                      25.00

DANE STURGEON                    Wild ‘N’ Tender           Stur-Geon       1967        TOTALLY CRAZED private press by singer who has been described as a combination of “Roy Orbison, post-Army Elvis & The Byrds if they’d been from Texas” !!  Songs about ghosts complete w/insane laughter, murderous babes & assorted weirdness. Some fuzz & falsetto vocals. Seriously, sounds like the local lounge singer that discovered acid.  The back cover says: “Folk rock in a stone groove”. Crazy cool stuff. The head shot cover on this one.    VG++/NM      50.00
SOLD 5/4/16

SWAMPGAS                 Same               Buddah            1972         N.Y. heavy guitar psych/blues rocker that’s taken off in the last few years – nice stuff         coh/srw/promo sticker   VG+(+)/VG++                       65.00    SOLD 4/23/16

SYMPHONIC   SLAM               Same               A&M                1976               Excellent Canadian heavy prog trio – synthrock heavy sound w/some rock/funk. Great Mati Klarwein cover art as well.     srw/coh                       VG+(+)/NM               25.00

GABOR SZABO Mizrab             CTI                  1972                Mix of some originals – pop & adaptations of classical works. Virtuoso guitar stuff.      ORIGINAL & STILL SEALED    15.00

TANGERINE DREAM                Zeit                  Virgin (UK)         1978       Double LP of dark ambient space rock electronica; mesmerizing w/four long cuts     VG+/NM/NM         30.00     SOLD 6/18/16

TANGERINE DREAM                Alpha Centauri/Atem             Virgin (UK)                  1976     Double LP second press of their outstanding ’71 & ’73 LP’s of killer electronic space rock. Still in original shrinkwrap       All NM                               35.00     SOLD 5/4/16

TANGERINE DREAM                Alpha Centauri            Ohr/PUD (Italy)                     1974         Same as above but single disc Italian pressing. Gate                        VG++/NM                  40.00      SOLD 6/18/16

TAOS                           Same                           Mercury          1971       N.M. rural folk rock/desert rock w/some nice guitar. Gate     srw/coh              VG+/NM                  12.00

ALLAN TAYLOR                        Sometimes                  UA                   1971      UK  acoustic folk rock that’s highly regarded & been compared to Nick Drake       Both VG++               20.00

TEDDY & THE PANDAS           Basic Magnetism          Tower (WL Pro)           1968        Boston melodic flower power psych w/some nice fuzz in the mix.        Both VG+(+)   15.00     SOLD 6/18/16

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS            Psychedelic Sounds              Int. Artists                   1966      One of the all-time great psych ground breakers      rw/small tape on seam    VG+/VG+(+)   175.00     SOLD 5/26/16

THUNDER AND ROSES            King Of The Black Sunrise                  UA                   1969   HEAVY Philly power trio – Hendrix inspired guitar throughout   rw/edge chip/promo stamp   VG+/NM                       45.00    SOLD 5/4/16

THUNDERMUG              Ta-Daa!!                    Mercury (WL Pro)                   1975       Canadian hard rock w/searing guitar        srw                  VG+(+)/NM               20.00
SOLD 6/18/16

BILL TINKER               Inside Out                   Tower (WL Pro)          1968       Jangly rock w/a sunshine – pop quality          rw                      VG+/VG++                20.00

TITUS  OATES             Jungle Lady                 Lips                  1974          Heavy TX. guitar-organ psych that roars – Rare one.   POKORA – 3. Gate  srw      VG+/NM      275.00   SOLD 4/23/16

TRAIN                          Costumed Cuties                     Vanguard        1970    An eclectic mix of jazz influenced rock & fluid psych sound. Hard to find.    rw VG+/VG++                40.00

TRICYCLE                    Same               ABC                 1969         A bubblegum group w/some harder edged rock & psych in the mix at times. Gate     srw/coh     VG+/VG+(+)       30.00

TWENTIETH  CENTURY  ZOO              Thunder On A Clear Day           Vault              1968     Very heavy blues psych guitar w/fuzz, wah-wah all over – HOT!    srw     VG+/VG++      80.00
SOLD 5/9/16

TWO FRIENDS Same               Nat’l. Resources            1972             Obscure & excellent soft folk rock w/ a little funk & definite CSN&Y sound.   srw      VG+(+)/NM            20.00     SOLD 4/25/16

UNITED  SONS OF AMERICA              Greeting From The U.S.A.       Mercury          1970   Mellow at times – kinda like Sweetwater w/blues elements- good guitar     coh    VG+(+)/VG++  15/00

DINO VALENTE           Same               Epic                 1968                Quicksilver singer’s solo LP of melancholy psychedelic folk – much like QMS with a 12 string.   slt cvr wrinkle / vinyl lotsa marks but plays OK   woc            VG+/VG                      10.00     SOLD 6/18/16

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR            Still Life           Mercury          1976         UK prog w/Pete Hammill – cosmic sound      srw  VG+(+)/VG++                       10.00     SOLD 6/18/16

VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR            God Bluff         Mercury         1975      Complex dense UK prog – 4 long excellent tracks   wol/sol/rw/tape seam        VG(+)/VG++       10.00

WILLIAM VAN DYKE               Hog Ridin’ Fool           Brotherhood                197?        Hard & heavy bluesy guitar rock w/motorcycle (Harley) themes by a bad-ass Florida Vietnam vet biker                     VG+(+)/VG++                       15.00     SOLD 5/4/16

ROBERT THOMAS VELLINE                 Nothin’ Like a Sunny Day       UA      1972     Rolling Stone Mag called this one of the top 100 undiscovered LP’s of all time. Rural in style w/ nice guitar & sounds much like The Band in their early days. This is actually Bobby Vee using his real name. Gate     VG+(+)/VG++                       15.00

VELVET UNDERGROUND          Live ’68         V.U. (Australia)          197?       Bootleg taped at a Cleveland club. Rockin’ stuff w/distorted guitars riffing. Great 10 minute songs. Average sound quality.  In orig. shrink              VG++/NM                  15.00     SOLD 5/16/16

VULCAN                       Meet Your Ghost             North Star                     1978            Original pressing of raw, distorted, overblown fuzzed-out sludge rock by the eccentric and enigmatic small town, self-proclaimed son of an intergalactic space traveler who claims to have been visited years ago by  the guitar-playing ghost of Jimi Hendrix. Autographed by the spaceman himself!  In original shrinkwrap     VG++/NM                  225.00     SOLD 5/26/16

WADSWORTH  MANSION                   Same               Sussex (promo)          1971       Good guitar psych that includes an ex-Tangerine Zoo member – harmonies   promo sticker  VG+(+)/VG++                   12.00

JENNIFER  WARREN               Jennifer                       Reprise (promo)            1972      Prod. by John Cale. Great vocals – excellent pop melodies. Supposedly, her best work ever (early Jennifer Warnes). Includes complete press kit from Reprise     VG+(+)/VG++             30.00      SOLD 6/18/16

ALAN  WATTS                Om- The Sound Of Hinduism            Warner Bros.              1968     Great trance w/droning sitar & cosmic sound. Some mellow spoken word at times – mesmerizing.   srw                    Both VG+(+)                                   20.00  

WEST COAST LOVE-IN                        Same               Vault                1967        Outstanding W. Coast psych comp w/Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Ashes & Chamber Bros. Cool “hippie” cover art by famous San Fran poster artist, Rick Griffin   sol            Both VG+(+)              20.00
SOLD 5/4/16

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND          Part One          Reprise            1967     Well known excellent L.A. psych          srw           Both VG+                    30.00 
SOLD 6/18/16

WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND          Vol. 2               Reprise            1967  Their 2nd of trippy L.A. psych         srw                Both VG+(+)              50.00
SOLD 6/18/16

JOHNNY  WINTER                   The First Winter            Buddah                  1969        Strange collection of blues , psych & soul by the guitar wizard      srw      VG+/VG++ 15.00

JOHNNY  WINTER                   Progressive Blues Experiment           Imperial          1969    Heavy blues guitar w/incredible slide      srw      Both VG+                    12.00

 WORLD                       Opus 1                          Lysergic Sound Distributors                          2011    Recently discovered 1972 teen soul-funk private press mega-rarity from rural New Mexico. Pressed in very small numbers, this previously unknown gem is a very accomplished mix of  smooth gliding soul and up-tempo funk, complete with swirling Hammond organ and mellow  harmonies to go with the fuzz and funk guitars. At the album's core, however, beats the  heart of an adolescent small town garage rock combo.This six piece teen group, led by Rick Chavez and the smooth vocals of Ray Williams, features nine very catchy original tunes to  go along with their very own funky version of the classic, "Bo Diddley". The great music on  this authorized reissue has all been restored and re-mastered and was never offered as a  reissue prior to this limited vinyl pressing. We have also restored the original hand-drawn  outsider psychedelic cover art. With only a few original copies known to exist at this time, this was a great find and an absolute "must have" for the collector of rare soul-funk-garage vinyl.              MINT UNPLAYED                  19.00

XIT                  Relocation                   Canyon (WL Pro)           1977           Jangly  N.M. native American rock from Lincoln St. Exit guys. Torn cover           VG-/VG++                  10.00

THE  YOUNG  TRADITION                  Galleries         Vanguard (WL Pro)           1968       Weird & complex UK medieval music   wol/woc/tos          VG/VG+          10.00    SOLD 5/8/16

CHRIS  YOULDEN                    Citychild                      London 1974          Savoy Brown singer’s obscure 2nd LP – rock w/female backup. Some brass but also some hot guitar at times.   srw/sticker res.         VG+/VG++                        15.00

ZEPHYR                       Same               Probe              1969            Their 1st w/great guitar by Tommy Bolin. Gate                srw                  VG+/VG+(+)             15.00

ZOMBIES                     Odessey & Oracle                   Date                1969          Excellent UK psych w/trippy melodies, ornate choruses & lush mellotron – all of this laid over a hard rock base                      sol/srw            VG+/VG++                25.00   SOLD 4/23/16

ZOO                 Same              Mercury             1970          Obscure French jazz-soul-psych w/some heavy moments – cool organ & funky guitar. Gate  srw/coh     VG+/VG+(+)    20.00     SOLD 6/18/16