We Sell Rare Vinyl Record Albums

Lysergic Sound Distributors is a retail mail-order record store and reissue label located in Tucson, Arizona, where we've been collecting, buying, selling, and trading rare record albums for more than 20 years. We specialize in original first pressings of 60's and early 70's music with an emphasis on psychedelic, hard rock, garage, prog, private presses, and the unusual and occasional "one of a kind" item. We deal with vinyl only, no CDs, no cassettes, no 8 tracks, and no MP3s.

Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, we've sold to thousands of satisfied customers, including some of the biggest and most well-known collectors, dealers, distributors and musicians in the world. See our Policies page to understand how we grade LPs and how we handle returns.

Our Label

In late 2009, we finally launched our own vinyl-only reissue label. Our reissues are limited edition, high quality pressings featuring beautiful heavy covers and informative notes. Check out the Our Label page for a complete list of of our reissues, including those which are currently out of print. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing our reissue label titles retail or wholesale.